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The story behind the Maxima collection is a very personal story about true friendship. The collection consists of two different handbags and it is a homage to our designer's, Angelo Elizabeth, best friend Fabienne Abbing.

 Maxima, the greatest
This collection started at as a small project between Angelo and Fabienne. Fabienne was also specialised in the craftsmanship of handbags. Together, they started to develop the Maxima handbag. Angelo made the design and Fabienne made the first ever sample. The name Maxima means the greatest, because this was the greatest thing that they did together before Fabienne passed away.

 Tube shoulder bag
Additionally, Angelo developed the Tube shoulder bag in London. While living there, his own style was heavily influenced by the London street style. The roadmen subculture was at that time very alive and is still today. Boys and girls from all ages, wearing sporty outfits accessorised with a side bag, a small sling or repurposed fanny pack worn over the shoulder. Angelo took the side bag of the roadmen subculture as an inspiration and took it to another level, which resulted in a sophisticated unisex shoulder bag with an edge.

The finest leathers and materials are used to guarantee a higher quality and luxurious look and feel. The Maxima collection mainly consists of neutral colours (black and white) and natural tones, such as brown, green and sand.

The Maxima Collection is available now. Stock is limited.

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