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We are absolutely delighted to present the Marcus Elizabeth Home Fragrances collection, an offering that allows us to connect intimately with each and every one of you, especially amidst the challenges and uncertainties of the pandemic. Our aim is to make you feel extra special and transform your home into a fragrant oasis.

In the making of this exquisite collection, we joined forces with a distinguished candle and perfume supplier from the UK. Collaborating their expertise with Marcus's unwavering dedication, he crafted a breathtaking assortment of premium vegan-friendly home candles in the serene seclusion of his own private attic.

Floral scents are a key feature of this collection. This was important because we wanted to infuse our Dutch cultural heritage into the products. In the Netherlands, flowers are a part of everyday life and are associated with mood-boosting, creative inspiration, and even reduced depression. So it made perfect sense for us to launch the collection with fragrances that incorporate floral notes. Think of it as our bouquet to you, from Marcus Elizabeth.

#LoveLetter #EgyptianCotton #SecretGarden

"As I crafted each scented candle with love, my intention was to offer people a soothing oasis amidst the uncertainty of the pandemic. In the warm glow of these candles, I hope they find moments of serenity and calm, providing a gentle escape from the storm outside. May the fragrances embrace them like a comforting embrace, reminding them that even in challenging times, there's still a flicker of light and tranquility to hold onto."

Marcus Elizabeth