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1863, the title of the graduation collection of Angelo Elizabeth. 

For this collection he combined his black heritage and the trend black activism. He chose 1863 as a statement title, because in 1863 slavery was made illegal in Surinam and the Antilles. The many thousands who worked on the plantations were finally free. Furthermore, in this collection he is telling the story of the enslaved Virgina Dementricia. Who was rebellious and used to steal her master's clothing and wear them secretly.  

The collection main piece is an open back shirt that features for the first time the Marcus Elizabeth trademarked guardian pattern. The open back show the back of a strong women. The Guardian pattern is inspired by his grandmother: Selma. 

This collection is one of the most important collections that he created until today. With this collection he graduated with honours from Academy Artemis in Amsterdam. 

The open back shirt will be soon available to purchase.

Designer and tailor of the collection: Angelo Elizabeth and Nicolai Egter van Wissekerke 
Model: Chanelva Maclean 
Photographer: Ingrid Polderman 
Make-up and Hair artist: Naima Bremer 
Assistant: Flavia Cibelle and Esmee Julia van der Molen
Location: Museum van Loon


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