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To fully enjoy our perfume candles, we recommend the following steps:

Balanced burning: Make sure the candle melts completely to the edge of the candle holder. We recommend letting the large candles burn for at least one and a half to two hours to prevent the candle from 'tunnelling'. Tunneling can occur when there is a buildup of candle wax around the sides of the holder. 

Trim the wick: Trim the wick to about ¼ inch (about 0.6 cm and up to 1 cm) to avoid black bubbles at the top of the wick, which can sometimes cause smoking or sooty wicks. A wick trimmer is ideal, but nail clippers or even eyebrow scissors can be just as effective. 

Limit the burning time (just a suggestion): We recommend burning the candle for a maximum of 4 hours at a time. This extends the life of the candle and ensures optimal fragrance distribution. This is just a suggestion; you can let the candle burn longer if you wish.

If you have any questions or need additional support, we are always here to help. Do not hassitate to contact us at